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NASA - Live Stream From Space!

"Scale of the Universe" A very cool website! Hang in there it is a little slow to load but it is worth the wait!

Collodictyon - A new branch on the tree of life?

Follow Scientists On Their Everest Climb

CMS 2011 Fall Festival Video

The Center of the Milky Way!

DARPA 100 Year Space Flight

1/3 of the Sun like stars have habitable planets!

Cougar Football - CMS vs North Shore - 9-13-11

NASA LRO images of the Apollo 12 landing site!

(We really went to the Moon!)

Africam - A live streaming site from Africa

More than 30 years after the twin Voyager probes set sail for space, they are now poised on the edge of the solar system -- and set to continue their voyage into interstellar space. Read More

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Hydrothermal Vent Communities

Be sure to ride the bus to my new virtual field trips!

Texas CAST 2011 Conference - Texas Science CAST - Mr. Greer's Presentation: HTML5: Now or Later? - Sheraton Dallas - November 17, 2011 from 5:30 - 6:30 PM - Room A606.

Element Song Lyrics & Link to Audio

IEEE Spring 2009 Robotics Competetion

Science - In The News

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