A Hack

“Hack” – A product or activity designed not solely to fulfill some constructive goal, but with some wild pleasure taken in mere involvement. ┬áTo qualify, the feat must be imbued with innovation, style, and technical virtuosity.

Switch Thrower for the World,
Fuze Tester, Maker of Routes,
Player with the Railroads and the System’s Advance Chopper;


Life long learners – we are all beginners when we experience new things.

An intersecting mixture of continuing play and learning are key to lifelong happiness and satisfaction.

Be sure to check out my experimental gopher site at: greersfos.info:70
(Note: Since it is an experimental “old fashioned” gopher site, you will have to cut and paste the address into your browser.)

You can also visit the FOS Discussion Forums for additional details. In addition we are setting up a Learning Center and Resource Site for students of any age.

Success in life is a matter not so much of talent and opportunity as of concentration and perseverance. — C. W. Wendte