A Hack

Grungy, hairy, sprawling,
Machine of the Point-Function Line-o-lite;

They tell me you are wicked and I believe them;
for I have seen your painted light bulbs under
the lucite luring the system coolies…

Under the tower, dust all over the place,
hacking with bifurcated springs

Hacking even as an ignorant freshman
acts who has never lost occupancy and

has dropped out

Hacking the M-Boards, for under its locks
are the switches, and under its control the
advance around the layout,


Hacking the grungy, hairy, sprawling
hacks of youth; uncabled, frying diodes,
proud to be Switchthrower, Fuze-tester,
Maker of Routes, Player with Railroads,
and Advance Chopper to the System

TMRC Newsletter, Peter Samson

MIT – Tech Model Railroad Club – circa late 50s


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