Vintage Elecraft K2

This is an inside view of an early Elecraft K2 that I built almost 20 years ago. QRP is the best mode in amateur radio.

PyBoard with Headers

Here is a photo of a Micropython Pyboard. I prefer pin type headers on the bottom but having pin access on three sides complicates things. I installed pin type headers on the right and left sides where most of the commonly used pins are located. I installed socket type headers on the top for the remaining pins. The green wire is connected between the 3V3 pin and the pin used to place the pyboard in boot mode for upgrading. Notice that I separated the two half size breadboards so I could get full use of the connection strips on each side of the board. If the board were plugged in without separating the breadboards, only one pin on each strip would be available.

The future of “programming”

InfoWorld article identifying “The Working Dead: IT Jobs Bound For Extinction.”

Here’s some of its predictions.

The president of one job leadership consultancy argues C and C++ coders will soon be as obsolete as Cobol programmers. “The entire world has gone to Java or .Net. You still find C++ coders in financial companies because their systems are built on that, but they’re disappearing.”

Want to play a game?

The 50s, 60s, and 70s were the dawn of hacking. The 2000s have turned out to be the golden years for constructive hacking.

Main frames, the early computers, batch processing “hulking giants”, could only be operated by button down suits. Early “hacker” computers such as the TX-0 and the PDP series though interactive still lived in the halls of large corporations and university labs. The 70s and 80s brought the availability of Apples, PET Commodores, and TRS-80s allowing hackers everywhere to have a computer even in their home. Once everything started to settle in the 90s and beyond, personal computers were mostly dominated by PC (IBM) clones and Apples. Hacking still lived mainly inside the computer.

A new type of computing has arrived on the scene, I’ll call it external hacking or better making!

The early mechatronic computers were provided by companies such as Microchip, TI, and Motorola, properly called micro controllers. …

Computer Programming Turns 70

The Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC) introduced in 1946 was arguably the beginning of the modern digital age. It was the first computer that could be reprogrammed to perform different functions. Reprogramming the ENIAC was not a simple task. The programmers had to have a detailed knowledge of the computer’s design and inner construction. ENIAC required lots of hands on intervention. It had more than 17,000 (!) vacuum tubes, many relays and miles of wiring.

A Hack

“Hack” – A product or activity designed not solely to fulfill some constructive goal, but with some wild pleasure taken in mere involvement.  To qualify, the feat must be imbued with innovation, style, and technical virtuosity.

Switch Thrower for the World,
Fuze Tester, Maker of Routes,
Player with the Railroads and the System’s Advance Chopper;


Life long learners – we are all beginners when we experience new things.

An intersecting mixture of continuing play and learning are key to lifelong happiness and satisfaction.

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